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Come dive with us, day trips or liveaboards.

Technical diving

OC to Trimix, Full Cave, CCR

Prices in Thai Baht

Beginner Courses

Incl material and all equipment PADI, SSI, SDI

Open Water Diver: THB 18,500, 4 days

PADI Advanced Open Water: from THB 9,900, 2 days

PADI specialties from THB 3.500

Try diving, beach or boat: from THB 1,500, INCL equipment

Family Courses: The whole family is together, father mother and children, we are diving and having fun. 4 days.

Nitrox course from THB 3.900

CCR- Rebreather trydive in the pool from THB 3.500

Come dive with us.

Day Tours or liveaboards.

Day-trip: from THB 4,500, incl equipment

Similand Islands: Liveaboard from THB 9,900

Thailand’s best diving: We find the best for you, contact us.

Day-trip Cave Diving: THB 9,900

Come and discover Thailand’s caves. (You must be the minimum intro to the cave diver). We typically dive 2 places. incl tanks and air.

Speedboat: from THB 6.000 a day

Tec Diving

From intro to Tec to Full Trimix, incl Air, tanks and teaching materials. TDI, IANTD, PADI.

Sidemount: from THB 11,900, 2/3 days

Advanced Nitrox: THB 14,900, 2/3 days

Poseidon CCR Owd + aowd: THB 49,000, Incl unit 4/5 days

JJ-CCR, Air Dil.: THB 59,000, Incl unit 4/5 days

Full Cave: THB 80,000, Incl hotel and meal 7 days

Full Cave CCR: THB 90,000, Incl hotel and meal 7 days

Trimix normoxic-hypoxic: fromTHB 39,900 3/4 days

Blender course, nitro-trimix, from THB 3.900

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