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We offer diving trips from Phuket

We offer scuba diving day trips from Phuket.

We try to find the best for you, taking into account wind, weather and tides, as well as the season.

If you want to be on liveaboard, we can arrange 2-3-4-5-6 day trips to Similands, or south to Koh Rok, or Hin Deang-Muang.

Diving trips:

  • Day trips to Racha Yai/noi 3 dive, incl equipment THB 4,500
  • Day trips to Phi Phi Island 3 dive incl equipment and park fee THB 5,400
  • Day trips to the King Cruiser wreck, Shark Point and Ko Dok Mai incl equipment THB 4,800

If you have special wishes we can also help with them…

For TEC Divers there are deep wrecks. 54-120 m as the only ones we dive these regularly.

Similan Islands:

We can offer the best diving in Thailand.

Minimum 2 days, with danish/ english speaking guides.

If you want a course on your trip, we can do this too.

Prices depend on season, how many divers and the class of boat you choose. From THB 9,900

Diving Tours Cave:

3 hours from the island of Phuket is Asia’s deepest caves, SRA Keow, down to 240 m

On a day trip we have 2 dives. We start early and are home late. From THB 9,900

We recommend a minimum of 2 days where we dive several different caves. Song Hong, SRA Koew 1-2-3, Klang Cave and Spider Cave.

To participate in these day trips you need to be intro to Cave Diver, and we recommend that we have been in the water together, either boat or beach before we leave.

This is the most demanding scuba diving and not for every one, but beautiful cave diving in Thailand raw and unpolished caves.

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