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Learn how to dive in Phuket with Diving Adventures Thailand

With us, you can start your underwater experiences.

We can make everything from the test piece, 1/2 day where you see whether diving is something for you, to Openwater and Advanced Open water…

Where you are on course 3-4-5-6 days.

Want more challenging? We are the only dedicated Technical Diving Centre in Thailand who can teach you all the way to the most demanding Tech courses such as Cave and Technical Diving.

Everything with English speaking instructors.

Open Water:

Our courses are usually 4 days. They are because we believe it gives you the most diving and the best training.

  • Day 1:8.00 Pick-up at hotel, paperwork, theory and pool dives, at home approx 16
  • Day 2: 8.00 completion of theory, as well as completion of water training, we take to the beach and dive. 1 open water dive from the beach
  • Day 3 + 4: 7.30-16 we are on a boat doing open water dives

Then you are done and you want to proceed, we can offer Advanced Open Water as an extension of your course.

Food and beverage during the course, and incl all materials and equipment.

We can also offer 2 & 3 day courses, but we believe there is too little time to achieve the skills that make you a good and safe diver who will love diving.

Price: 18.500 THB


Advanced Open Water:

As a natural extension of your open water course, we can offer Advanced Open water, here you will learn to delve deeper and spend more time with your instructor on refining what you have learned previously.

The course consists of 5 specialty dives where depth and navigation are fixed.

Other dives include upkeep control, night dive, find and raise, power dives, wreck dive, photo/video, fish ID.

Price: 9.900 THB


Try Diving:

We meet on the beach, trying equipment, have a short theory orientation. Then we go to the water, where we look after you as you breathe under the water. If you’re super good, you might be able to dive a little alone without leading you around. A total of approximately 2 hours.

If you want to go on a boat and try diving, we’ll pick you up at 7:30 and you’re home about 16, you’ll get 2 dives after we’ve put you into what you need to do.

Prices from 1.500 THB

Family courses:

Dad may have been trying to dive, and would like to share this experience with the whole family.

Usually it is 4 days and the whole family is together, regardless of age. If you are more than 10 years old, you must be in the diving, otherwise we have Danish children.

We focus on having fun and are not busy.

  • Day 1:8.00 Pick-up at hotel, paperwork, theory and pool dives, at home approx 16
  • Day 2: 8.00 end of theory, as well as end of water training, we take to the beach and dive. 1 open water dive from the beach
  • Day 3 + 4:7.30-16 We find the best place to finish the course, whether it is boat, private boat or beach is individual

These courses are made specially to suit your needs.

We find suitable instructors and the best places to dive during the course. All food and meals are with, as well as equipment etc.

Contact us to get the information for the best diving course that suits your family.

PADI Specialties:

At your advanced open water course, you become acquainted with some of the specialties PADI offers, because it is the first dive on the specialty you take with AOW.

If you want more in-depth we can offer the following:

Deep. If possible, we dive to 40 m. You will learn more about gas planning, deep water diving, your diving computer, DSMB, and gaining more in-depth experience with an instructor. 2 days 4 dives 9,900 THB

Wreck. Wreck whether it is a ship, an airplane or a vehicle is an exciting challenge. We learn the safe way to dive on how to navigate and what techniques you need. 2 days 4 dives 9,900 THB 

PPB. Buoyancy control is one of the most difficult things to learn as a diver. Here we play with weights, with challenges, experiences and techniques you make you a better and safer diver. 1 day 3 dives 6,900 THB 

Night Diver. Night dive. a dive from the beach in the dark… does that sound exciting. We have lights and learn using these and the special rules that apply for night dives. 2 days / 3 dives 9,500 THB 

DPV. Underwater scooters let you experience more of the reef, get around more easily even in strong currents. You learn about the special techniques that apply when using DVP, as well as general maintenance of the DPV. 1 day 2 dives 8,900 THB 

Navigation. Navigating underwater is one of the hardest things about diving, we give you techniques to get better, use of compass and natural references 2 days, 4 dives 9,900 THB 

Search & Recover. We search in different search patterns and learn about you challenges that arise in raising objects underwater. 2 days 4 dives 9,900 THB 

Drysuit. Drysuit. You learn to master the challenges that arise with the air inside the suit, general maintenance, and the advantages / disadvantages of the different types of dry suits. 1 day 3 dives. 8,900 THB (you must bring your own suit) 

Drift. Current dives, you learn about the techniques that make it better and safer in strong current. 1 day 3 dives. THB 6,900 (depending on the moon phase) 

Full Face. The mask covers the entire face, with the pros and cons from this. We will teach you about this simple maintenance. 1 day 3 dives 9,900 THB 

DSMB, send your buoy up safely. Sounds easy…. We’ll teach you the proper way to do this. 1 day 2 dives 6,900 THB 

Digital photo. Learn about the physical properties that make it difficult to take pictures in water. Learn to make good pictures, with colors and composition, as well as general maintenance of your camera. 1 day 2 dives 6,900 THB 

Self-Reliant Diver. “Solo” diver, you are a photographer and often in your own world when you take pictures, or you just want to be safer. 1 day 3 dives 6,900 THB 


When we dive we are limited by NDL, the amount of nitrogen our body absorbs through the air we breathe. With EAN Nitrox we dive with less nitrogen in the tank…. or put another way, more oxygen. Learn about the rules for safe diving with enriched air NITROX.

The course can be taken as a dry course, or in combination with diving, specialty.

Price from THB 3,900 or as a diving day 6,900 THB

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